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The Surrey Hills National Landscape is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), one of the first to be designated in 1958. It covers 163 square miles of Surrey, approximately one quarter of the land area in the county. The Surrey Hills offers some of Southeast England’s most beautiful countryside and is designated to enable the conservation and enhancement of its natural beauty, meet the need for quiet enjoyment of the natural environment and empower communities to connect with the landscape.


Illustrations by Louise Dunkley.

Our Brand Story

The Surrey Hills Infinity Seed is the logo at the heart of our Surrey Hills brand. It represents a germinating seed, conveying new beginnings and the infinite cycle of nature. In protecting the landscape, we can ensure the National Landscape remains vibrant, healthy, and full of life for people and nature. 12 boundary markers carved by sculpture Walter Bailey can be found across the landscape, reinforcing the identity of the Surrey Hills as a cohesive tract of beautiful wooded and farmed land that must be protected.

“I want people to feel curiosity and surprise when they see the boundary markers. They are all carved as lattice work so people can see the landscape through the sculptures. The inner edges are burnt black with a gas torch to point the contrast with the clean oak on the outside. It gives extra depth. I hope that by drawing people’s eye they will look at what is around them a bit more”.

Walter Bailey
Artist & Sculpture

Support the landscape

Find out more about our current projects and how you can donate or get involved in supporting the communities, habitats, and species within the Surrey Hills.