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Cafezinho is a speciality coffee roaster based in Surrey. The company was set up in 2018 by Sidineia, Brazilian borne and now UK based.


Sid was born on a coffee plantation in her home state of Minas Gerais, one of Brazil’s main coffee growing regions. Coffee has always been in her DNA.

CafezhinoAt Cafezinho , we simply roast the best coffee beans available to give you coffees that taste out of this word. We realize that tasting incredible coffee is an experience in itself, so we work hard to craft and perfect our speciality coffees’ unique flavours.

For us, coffee is about the people we meet along the way and the long lasting relationships we have built with our growers and our customers. We trade directly with our growers and only deal with plantations who focus on growing coffee in an environmentally sustainable way.

Our coffees are fully traceable, organically grown with no herbicides or pesticides used in their production; the harvest process is all manual and no machinery is involved in it at all.

Our Story

CafezhinoCafezinho was born after I quit my job as Geneticist (GMF- FOOD) to become a mum.

After my son went to school I was looking for ways to re-invent myself as I did not want to get back to work in a laboratory again. I couldn’t see myself doing my previous job, as it was against everything I believe and the person I have become.

Trading coffee in the beginning was more like a way to bring me back to Brazil and see my family, but with time it has taken over my life!

We work really closely with the farmers and their families and have a full partnership where they are the ones who determine how much they want to get paid for their product – no other person is in involved in the process of the import/export of our coffees.

This enables those we work with to get a premium price for their product.

Our Love of the Surrey Hills

Through our directly trade source system We can always guarantee full provenience of our products, and make sure that everything is grown respecting the environment and organically grown.

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Cafezinho Coffees
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