Surrey Hills Boundary Review

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The Surrey Hills AONB was only the second landscape to be designated in England in 1958, and the boundary has not been reviewed since its original designation. In 2011 Natural England’s Board commissioned a study carried out by consultants Alison Farmer Associates to review the evidence for a boundary review. The decision by Natural England’s Board followed a long campaign by the Surrey Hills Board and other interested parties to re-consider the boundary. Significant parts of the adjacent countryside outside the AONB had been designated at a local county level as Areas of Great Landscape Value (AGLV). It was felt by the Surrey Hills Board that the AGLV area was now worthy of review.

Following the study by Alison Farmer Associates, the AONB Partnership commissioned landscape consultants Hankinson Duckett Associates (HDA), through Surrey County Council. They were asked to conduct a search for areas that might be considered for re-designation as AONB. In November 2013, the Surrey Hills AONB Board formally submitted a request that Natural England (NE) to consider a modification to the AONB boundary based on 38 candidate areas as recommended by HDA. The conclusions and recommendations of HDA are described in the following reports.

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Click here to view the Surrey Interactive Map which shows the new Surrey landscape character areas that formed the basis of the reports from HAD.