Farm visit equipment

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Paula and Lawrence Matthews applied for a grant of £22,494 to provide facilities for educational visits for a diverse group of people.

The grant allowed them to purchase an education trailer which could transport 32 people at a time around their farm to show those visiting the different projects they have running on the farm. The trailer comes with a wheelchair ramp meaning people with disabilities don’t have to miss out due to lack of access, the trailer also has a canopy meaning that the visits can occur all year round.

Also purchased using the grant money were portaloos and hand washing stations, meaning that a high hygiene standard is met and stops visitors having to use the Matthew’s own WC in their house. These facilities are also able to be moved from location to location depending on where the educational visits are going to be taking place.

Project summary

Applicant Paula Matthews, EDG Matthews & Sons
FiPL grant awarded £22,494
Total project cost £22,494
Project start date 14 Feb 2022
Project end date 30 Mar 2022