Ripping Yarns Distillery

Ripping Yarns Distillery is a family run artisan Distillery in the Surrey Hills.


Where are we from?

The village of West Clandon, Surrey has been our home for many years. West Clandon has it’s very own “Ripping Yarn” legend of a dragon that used to block the road through the village! Our distillery is in the village of Wormley, in the beautiful Surrey Hills.

What do we do?

We create our unique Rum from scratch. We do not import or buy-in any spirit. We create our flavoured Rum using the finest fresh botanicals, fruits and spices. We do not use any commercially produced essences. Our “molasses to glass” production ethos shapes everything we do.

Why do we do what we do?

Yes, it would be very much easier to simply import or “buy-in” base Rum spirit but where’s the challenge in that? The only route for us was to produce our own new spirit from cane sugar molasses. We create our unique Rum this way for the satisfaction that every drop is made by us and is just how we want it to be.

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Ripping Yarns Distillery
Unit 65, Coopers Place, Combe Lane Wormley Surrey GU8 5SZ
Tel: 07885 223148